Ashworth is dedicated to ensuring you get the best performance and long-lasting beauty from your doors. We build quality into each of our doors, and stand proudly behind our products.

In this section, we provide you with tools and resources to understand and care for your Ashworth doors, including warranty information, installation, finishing and maintenance instructions, how to videos, and answers to frequently asked questions.

Product Engineering

Engineered for Structural Strength and Thermal Performance

Ashworth Doors’ exteriors are aluminum clad and unsurpassed in offering protection from the elements. They require very little maintenance. These units consist of a durable extruded aluminum surface and are designed to strengthen the panel and frame of extended wear.

The interior panels are comprised of a variety of beautiful wood for the perfect fit into any décor, and are ready to be completed in your choice of surface finishes. We recommend painting or staining the interior door with quality products and following the manufacturer’s instructions.

The extruded anodized aluminum sill has an integrated screen track with a mill, champagne or bronze sill designed to keep the weather outside where it belongs.

The wood frame is engineered to accentuate door frame strength and improved energy performance, available in units up to 12’ with continuous head and sill. The frame is fully weather stripped to guard against the elements. The door edges and jabs are pine to improve durability and are ready to finish.

Architectural Reference Manual

– CSI Specification pages (PDF)

– Full Lite Elevations (DWG, DXF, & PDF)

– Half Lite Elevations (DWG , DXF, & PDF)

– Three Quarter Lite Elevations (DWG , DXF, & PDF)

– Horizontal Section Details (DWG, DXF, & PDF)

– Vertical Section Details (DWG, DXF, & PDF)

– Opening Chart (PDF)

– PG Ratings Chart (PDF)

Warranty Information


All Ashworth products carry a 20-year limited warranty. Ashworth stands behind the quality and craftsmanship of its products, which is why all of our products are equipped with a 20-year limited warranty, which is in effect at the time of purchase from a retailer or dealer. The limited warranty includes the following:

– Insulated Glass – 20 years
– Exterior Painted Aluminum Surfaces – 20 years
– Hardware and all Other Components – 10 years


Woodgrain Millwork warrants, subject to the conditions and restrictions stated below, that its products and components thereof shall be free from defects in materials and workmanship. The warranty is in effect at the time of purchase from a retailer or dealer. Provided the Ashworth Door unit was strictly maintained, stored, finished and installed in accordance with Woodgrain Millwork’s written instructions. 


Woodgrain Millwork warrants the insulated glass in our patio doors shall be free from manufacturing defects for a period of 20 YEARS from the date of purchase from retailer or distributor. Our insulated glass is warranted not to develop, under normal conditions, any material obstruction of vision as a result of manufacturing defects or a premature failure of the edge seal. This limited warranty does not apply to special glazing, and glass not factory installed by Woodgrain Millwork. If any repair or replacement is necessary, such repair or replacement is warranted for the remainder of the applicable warranty period. Labor is not covered after 12 months of purchase.


Woodgrain Millwork warrants that the paint on the exterior of aluminum clad products will not, under normal atmospheric conditions, peel, check, crack or flake for a period of 20 YEARS from the date of purchase from retailer or distributor. The paint performance will vary depending on installation in heavy salt spray environments, elevation, orientation, altitude and other atmospheric conditions. Paint surfaces will weather over time. To prolong the life and appearance of the paint coating, it is recommended that exterior cladding be cleaned any time the exterior glass is cleaned. See your Woodgrain Millwork distributor for a copy of the maintenance and cleaning instructions, or refer to AAMA 610.1-79. If a paint failure should occur, Woodgrain Millwork reserves the right to determine the best method for corrective action. Labor is not covered after 12 months of purchase.

*Coastal Applications: Applies where units are installed within one mile of the coast.  For all finishes, warranty is limited to 10 years for these applications.


Woodgrain Millwork warrants that hardware and other components shall be free from defects, under normal conditions, for a period of 10 YEARS from the date of purchase from retailer or distributor. Woodgrain Millwork will provide replacement parts, free of charge during the warranty period. Since we purchase many of these items from other manufacturers, we cannot guarantee that the exact model or design of hardware will be available in the future, and usually, the then current model will be provided. Any components or product repaired or replaced are warranted for the remainder of the original warranty period. Labor is not covered after 12 months of purchase.

The remedies provided in this Limited Warranty will be forfeited by the occurrence of any of the following conditions:

– Improper installation of the door unit
– Installation in a non-vertical or sloped application
– Damage from accident, misuse or abuse
– Alteration or use for a purpose other than that for which it was intended
– Application of any tint, UV limiting or sun blocking film to the interior or exterior of the glass
– Use of film shades
– Use in or around ships, boats, trailers, campers, swimming pools, saunas or greenhouses
– Installation above 5,000 ft. above sea level, unless high altitude breather tubes have been factory
– Failure to properly finish all wood exterior surfaces and all interior surfaces within 30 days of purchase according to Woodgrain Millwork’s written finishing instructions
– Failure to regularly clean exterior cladding when product is installed in a corrosive environment
– Exposure to harmful chemicals
– Field mulling (connecting of units)
– Alteration, modification, or use for a purpose other than that for which it was intended or designed (including but not limited to, paint applied to vinyl, vinyl weatherstrip and damage resulting from security systems applied or attached to our product)
– Failure to comply with the claims procedure outlined herein


The following items are specifically excluded from the remedies provided by this warranty:

  1. Remedies requested for any labor for removal, repair or replacement of defective parts, products or glass, or any repainting or refinishing costs, except as noted above.
  2. Remedies requested for any consequential, incidental or punitive damages.
  3. Remedies requested for damage caused by or adjustment required from:
    1. Improper handling, installation or maintenance and/or delivery by others.
    2. Exposure to conditions beyond performance specifications and/or design limitations.
    3. Water infiltration other than as a result of manufacturing defects.
    4. Condensation and damage caused by failure to resolve condensation.
    5. Damage to glass, metal or any other surfaces caused by brick wash, sanding, improper cleaning/washing, chemicals or airborne pollutants.
    6. Minor scratches and/or minor glass imperfections that do not impede or severely obstruct the normal viewing area and do not impact the structural integrity of the insulated glass.
    7. Reflective distortion of any kind, included but not limited to: color, tint, hue or waves inherent of annealed, coated, laminated and tempered glass.
    8. Heat gain, vinyl distortion, or damage of any kind, included but not limited to, effects due to the reflective properties of glass and its finishes.
    9. Alignment/location of inner grids of less than or equal to 1/8″ from specified location.
    10. Stresses to product caused by building defects, building movement and settling of buildings.
    11. Catastrophic weather or acts of God, including fire, wind or wind-blown objects.
    12. Normal weathering wear and tear.
  4. Any applicable taxes and freight. (Replacement parts will be shipped to the closest Woodgrain Millwork distributor at Woodgrain’s expense or the options to ship direct to the homeowner at the homeowner’s expense.)
  5. Remedies requested for glass breakage including stress cracks.
  6. Remedies requested for special glazing.
  7. Laminated and/or impact glass will have a warranty limited to 5 years, against delaminating of inner liner (PVB), and extensive visual obstruction due to glass seal failure.
  8. Woodgrain Millwork does not warrant the percentage of inert gas present in High Performance products. Gas dissipates over time at different rates depending upon use and conditions.
  9. Remedies requested for inner grid rattle due to lack of uniform supported structure of product, in which the operation of the product or of another product or of another product causes vibration harmonics into the Woodgrain Millwork product and induces inner grid to vibrate against the insulated glass, creating a noise.
  10. Remedies requested for brass and oil rubbed bronze hardware finishes for finish loss, tarnishing or wear.
  11. Remedies requested for corrosion, tarnishing or operation of standard hardware in high salt spray environments.
  12. Remedies requested for anodized aluminum exterior finish variances in appearance of color, die lines, pitting and chalking are not warranted.
  13. Remedies requested for wood texture, color variations and other wood characteristics within Woodgrain Millwork’s specifications.
  14. Remedies requested for natural warping of wood components unless the “warp” exceeds ¼”; warping includes bowing, cupping and twisting.
  15. Remedies for swing doors over 7 ft. tall, without factory installed multi-point locking hardware, as these products are not warranted against warpage or performance.
  16. Remedies requested for any special or custom product or item, which is manufactured according to specifications provided by the customer.
  17. Remedies requested for any product in a size which is greater than that shown in our size charts; these products are purchased “as is” without any warranty.
  18. Remedies requested for product purchased without factory installed glazing; these products are purchased “as is” without any warranty.
  19. Remedies requested for product installed in structures that do not allow for proper management/drainage of moisture, including but not limited to torn exterior insulation and finishing systems (EIFS) or “synthetic stucco” without engineered drainage system.
  20. Remedies requested for products manufactured by others.


This warranty is in lieu of all warranties, express or implied, including any implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.

No distributor, dealer, employee, salesperson or representative of Woodgrain Millwork has any authority to modify this warranty in any way.

Woodgrain Millwork is not liable for any consequential, incidental, special or punitive damages, costs of installation of replacements or costs of refinishing of door components or adjacent parts/millwork. Woodgrain Millwork shall make final determination of whether or not a defect exists.

Woodgrain Millwork, at its sole discretion, may repair or replace the defective part or product or refund the original purchase price.


If you have any questions regarding this warranty or have any claim under the provisions of this warranty, please contact your local authorized Woodgrain Millwork distributor or our manufacturing facility, listed below. To process a claim you must furnish the glass code (numbers and/or letters printed within/upon the insulated glass unit). (If you have questions about locating the glass code, please contact the Woodgrain Millwork facility listed below.) You must notify Woodgrain Millwork or your local independent Woodgrain Millwork distributor of any defects within a reasonable time, but no later than 30 days after the defect is discovered or reasonably should have been discovered, and within the period covered by the warranty. Woodgrain Millwork may require any defective parts to be returned to Woodgrain Millwork or our closest distributor. In order to process a warranty claim, Woodgrain reserves the right to inspect product before it is removed or modified in any way. Woodgrain Millwork field visits may result in service charges if a non-warranty site survey is required and/or requested. We reserve the right to perform the warranty work or arrange for another party to perform the warranty work. This warranty is only applicable in the USA and the District of Columbia. This warranty is governed by the State of Iowa without regard to choice of law principles.

Woodgrain Millwork
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West Des Moines, IA

Door Installation

Ashworth Doors are built to provide ease of use for homeowners and builders, from installation to everyday operation. Installed properly, they will offer you years of hassle-free performance and beauty.

Installation instructions are included with every door. If you did not receive any with your purchase, contact us at 800.935.2000. You may also click the links below to download a PDF the following items:

Ashworth Installation Instructions
Storage, Finishing and Maintenance Instructions
Multipoint Lockset Installation Instructions – For Purchases Prior to 3/2015
Adjustable Hinge Instructions – For Purchases Prior to 3/2015
Classic and Contemporary Handle Install Instructions – For Purchases Post 3/2015
Euro Handle Install Instructions – For Purchases Post 3/2015
Hinge Adjustment Instructions – For Purchases Post 3/2015
Screen Kit Instructions
Jamb & Sill Extension Kit Instructions
Exterior Casing Installation Instructions
Knotty Alder Information / Disclaimer
Oil Rubbed Bronze Information / Disclaimer

Please note: Failure to comply with installation instructions may void your warranty.

If you are not planning immediate installation of your Ashworth Door, you may be required to store them until it is convenient. Please adhere to the following guidelines when storing your doors:

– Do not store in areas where wet plaster, cement or excessive moisture is present.
– Storage area should be dry and well ventilated.
– Do not store where the unit will be subjected to abnormal extreme heat, extreme dryness, humidity, direct sunlight or sudden changes therein. Subjecting the unit to these conditions may cause warping, telegraphing, etc. Allow 8-12 months for a warped panel to acclimatize to its environment, before filing a warranty claim. The panel may return to its original plane during that time.

Please note: Failure to comply with these instructions may void your warranty.

Finishing Information

download-ashworth-storage         video-finishing

Wood is dimensionally affected by changes in moisture content brought about by changes within its surrounding environment (precipitation, sunlight, etc.). To ensure uniform moisture exposure and dimensional control, you should finish your door’s surfaces uniformly.

Preparation for Field Finishing

If staining, a compatible sanding sealer must be used. Follow the stain manufacturer’s instructions. Failure to do so may result in a blotchy finish. Your door may not be stain grade, see finishing instructions below for details.

– Your Ashworth Door must be finished within 30 days after purchase to maintain your warranty.
– The appearance of the field finish is not warranted.
– Be sure the surface being stained is clean and dry.
– Block sand with 400 grit sand paper to remove all scuffs, scratches, burnishes, raised grain, handling marks and the effects of exposure to moisture. Always sand with the grain of the wood. Be sure you are sanding evenly, as stain will accentuate rough areas. Exercise care when sanding to avoid scratching glass and any hardware that may be installed.
– Remove any excess caulking agent around the edges of the exposed glass area. Exercise care when cutting the caulking to avoid scratching the glass.
– Clean surface with tack rag or other appropriate means.
– Test a non-conspicuous area for compatibility with the finish you plan to use.
– Apply the finish immediately after preparation, as the finish protects the unit from any natural harmful elements. Failure to do so will cause the wood to absorb moisture causing warping, telegraphing, etc., within the wood portion of your unit.

Finishing Instructions

Ashworth Doors have clear door jambs and door edges which are designed and manufactured to be painted or stained.

– Avoid dark stains on surfaces exposed to direct sunlight. Dark stains absorb excessive amounts of heat, which can induce checking, warp, pitch bleed and telegraphing. Dark stains also require near perfect preparation.
– Use only high-grade finishing material and follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Do not intermix materials from different suppliers.
– Be careful not to apply any stain or paint to the weather stripping or hardware. Paint and stain removers/solvents will harm their finish.
– All edges of the door must be finished, including the top rail.
– Refinishing may be required during the life of your Ashworth Door.

Interior Painting

Apply two coats of primer followed by at least two coats of “color” topcoat. Allow adequate drying time and lightly sand between coats. Exercise care when sanding to avoid scratching glass and any hardware that may be installed.

Interior Staining

Apply one or more stain coats followed by at least three topcoats consisting of a polyurethane or spar varnish. Allow adequate drying time and lightly sand between coats. Exercise care when sanding to avoid scratching glass and any hardware that may be installed.

Door Maintenance

Want to keep your doors looking and operating their best? Here are some maintenance tips that will ensure your Ashworth Doors keep their visual appeal and ease of use for years to come:

– The clad exterior finish must be cleaned periodically with mild soapy water.
– Annual or bi-annual waxing (car wax suggested) will increase the longevity of the clad finish.
– Drainage weeps must be kept clean and unobstructed.
– Cracks caused by settling or dimensional changes within the product must be filled and sealed.
– Some woods, such as Ashworth’s Knotty Alder, are unique and require special attention to their natural wood characteristics. Please see our PDF for more information on Knotty Alder.
– Ashworth’s Oil-Rubbed Bronze hardware features a living finish that adapts to its environment and use. Therefore, you should expect its appearance to change over time. Please see our PDF on Oil-Rubbed Bronze finishes for more information.

Many of the maintenance steps listed above can be completed with tools and materials available from your local hardware store and without the need of outside professionals.

Please note: Failure to comply with these instructions may void your warranty.


Check out our videos below. For more information you can follow us on the Ashworth Doors YouTube channel.

Energy Efficiency

Energy Star Resource Center

The Energy Star qualification criterion for all zones has changed for 2015 and the fenestration industry has been affected. These changes will have a substantial impact on the consumer.

For 2015, doors will have one requirement based on glazing style regardless of zone.

The new label requirements are designed to help consumers understand the Energy Star qualification criteria and the implications to their unique application and location

Energy Star is not a code, but many builders and homeowners use Energy Star as a benchmark of comparison and as a decision making tool when purchasing fenestration products. Some local building codes also choose to amend their local requirements to the Energy Star levels.

To ensure that consumers have options that meet or exceed the market expectation for 2015 Energy Star compliance, Ashworth by Woodgrain Millwork has made significant improvements to our glazing offering.

The Glazing System will utilize LoE 366 as our standard glazing. In addition, we will also offer another option, called Dual Low-E, which adds a second barrier of hard coat to the insulated glass. These adaptations of a two-pane glazing system are the most efficient and cost effective way to meet the new Energy Star criteria.

NFRC Certified

The NFRC Certification means that our doors meet or exceed the energy rating standards set by the National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC), a group of independent industry designers who have established uniform energy rating standards. For more information, visit

Parts Manual

3-Panel with Operating Sidelights (PDF)

2-Panel Bi-Hinge (PDF)

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